web wite help

This page provides help for T.S. McHugh's web site. You can return to this page by following the “help” link, located below the main navigation on the home page.

navigating the site

There are three groups of navigation used on this web site:

  1. The main navigation connects you to the most popular parts on the site. It appears on each page under the T.S. McHugh's” logo.
  2. Many pages offer a second set of links to related documents. This will appear under the heading “related pages.”
  3. Long pages contain a table of contents with links to different sections of that particular page. You'll find the table of contents under the heading “on this page.”

finding the page you want

The site map gives a broad outline of the site's organization, with links to the most important pages on our site. A more complete list of pages is available in the document inventory.

search the site

If you cannot find what you are looking for, try searching our site:

what you need

To browse T.S. McHugh's web site, you need a web browser. That's it!

There are additional features for those with modern browsers and additional software installed. You don't need them unless you want the additional functionality. For details, see the complete site requirements.

If you cannot find the help you need here or in any related pages, please contact us.