Web Site Requirements

To browse this site, you need a web browser—any web browser should do. That is the only essential requirement for this site.


The following software may enhance the web site or add functionality, but the content is available with any browser. And no one will be denied access for lack of some special software or any other arbitrary reason.

Modern Browser

A modern browser should improve the visual appearance of this site. It will also improve your ability to customize the web to suit your preferences and protect your privacy, block popup windows without any plug-ins, or even block ads from pages you frequently visit. If you upgrade to a well-designed, modern browser, you may find your browsing experience more enjoyable—not only on this site, but wherever you go on the web! Whatever you choose, you can be sure that T.S. McHugh's respects that choice, and we strive to make this site as useful as possible for you.

Email Program

If you want to to T.S. McHugh's, you will of course need an email program. If you don't have email, or prefer not to use it, you can still send us a message by filling out a form.


Javascript is used for certain optional enhancements, including:

  • to make email addresses into hyperlinks. By selecting such a link, some users can create a blank email message with the address automatically placed in the to: field
  • to make forms easier to fill out, and provide feedback to help avoid mistakes

If you want this additional functionality, you will need a browser that has Javascript capabilities, and you will need to turn it on. N.B.: There are good reasons to disable javascript. First, your computer will not be exposed to security hazards, and second, you can avoid certain annoying web tricks like popup windows. If you cannot or do not want to enable javascript, our site will still be accessible.