visual presentation of this site

The visual presentation of T.S. McHugh's web site is intended to enhance its usability and appeal through layout, color, and fonts. We hope that it helps you navigate our site, and that you enjoy your visit. If you have suggestions for improving it, please contact us.

cascading style sheets

made with CSS This visual presentation relies in part on a technology called css, short for cascading style sheets. Most modern graphical browsers have this technology built into them. In principle, browsers are supposed to make use of css if they can, and ignore it if they cannot. The reality is somewhat less ideal: certain older browsers such as Netscape Navigator 4 and MS Internet Explorer 4 often fail to correctly display css-enhanced web pages. In order to serve visitors who use those browsers, all css instructions have been hidden from them. Thus, they will receive the same content as other users, albeit with a rather plain presentation.